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Hearts On Fire

Journey Into Desire Intensives

Hearts On Fire Intensives are One-on-one personalized Intensives with Bart and his wife Brooke. These intensives are designed to draw out the desires of the Father’s heart written within your heart, to set your heart on fire. Bart and Brooke will facilitate what the Holy Spirit is drawing out within you.
These Intensives can be 2 days in person (two 2 hour sessions each day) or 4 sessions virtually. They can be one-on-one, or small group. Contact us for more details.

Events : Hearts On Fire

Church On Fire Mission

Living more fully alive

We are living in one of the most exciting times in the history of the Church, as the Holy Spirit is transforming the Church with his Fire (CCC 696). 
This mission will empower your church to live more fully into what Christ purchased through His death and resurrection.
Nightly sessions include: 
Encountering The Father's Love
Forgiveness & Redemption
Fire & Fullness of Confirmation

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Events : Church On Fire

Equipping Fire

Empower the Church to live into Christ’s mission

This one or two day event will empower God’s people to live more fully into Christ's mission, with the fire and power of the Holy Spirit.

The day is fun, interactive, and fast paced. People love it.

Sessions include:

Inspiration & Vision

Fire & Fullness of Confirmation 

Hearing From God

Steps for praying for Healing

Events : Equipping Fire

Campus On Fire

Transforming students across the country

It's time to take back what belongs to God, and transform the heart of campuses, empowering students to live in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Events : Campus On Fire

Priests On Fire

Transforming the heart of the Church

Equipping and empowering priests to live more fully into all that Christ purchased through his death and resurrection.

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Events : Priests On Fire

Men On Fire

Igniting the hearts of Men

Events : Men On Fire
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