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Church On Fire is a ministry committed to transforming the Church with the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

Events include Campus On Fire, Church On Fire missions, Hearts On Fire Intensives, Priests on Fire, Men On Fire, Dreaming with God, and Days Of Equipping. 

Bart Schuchts has conducted more than 300 life-transforming events across the U.S. as a presenter with the JPII Healing Center as well as with Church On Fire.​

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What Leaders are saying:

  • "Bart’s passion for the Father and for the Church are contagious." Fr Andrew, Pastor, KS

  • "Bart Schuchts has the gift to speak to the sleeping giant..." Fr Paul, Campus pastor, WA

  • "Bart Schuchts brings the strength and gentleness of the Holy Spirit in a way that is both challenging and approachable..." Fr Mark, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

  • "Bart’s conferences fire up and equip all listeners to embrace our Lord’s desire (to set the earth on fire) and make it a way of life, especially in today’s challenging world." -- Fr Carlos, Legionnaire Superior, Mexico City, Mexico

  • "Bart speaks with a mixture of strength, compassion, depth and humor. When I am with him, his energy encourages me and fires up my faith...." Fr Chad, Pastor, WA

Contact us today about scheduling an event in your area, and check out our online events.

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